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My sort of in-between things week has continued, I’m busy finishing up stuff and planning ahead to stuff, and trying to catch up and get ahead on other things, but I don’t really have to be anywhere specific at any time during school hours.

So this morning I went searching for a recipe recommendation Sarah had sent me a few months ago to start for dinner plans. I have been looking at the link Sarah sent me from her mom every few days for the past few months thinking about it. But alas, it disappeared, after googling trying to find it, and wanting to try right that second, I used a new recipe.


And soft pretzel rolls are now sitting on my kitchen counter cooling. They look good, smell good, and taste good. They are soft and light and fluffy, which I didn’t totally expect. I wouldn’t say they are all that pretzel tasting, but some. Sort of like a pretzel crossed with a fresh dinner roll. Thus the name pretzel roll, I suppose, though I did expect more pretzel taste like the pretzel dogs I’d made a few nights ago.


The recipe I used is from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe and I was happy with it. I might boil the rolls a little longer to see of there is a little chewier crust. Resend the other recipe, Sarah!

We’ll be using these for burgers for supper tonight!



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