Another Easy Felt Project: Tree Ornaments

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Here’s something weird… I let a friend borrow my newish sewing machine.

The kids come back happy, safe and sound when they go over to her house for drop off play dates, so I’m confident the machine will also, but I keep feeling like a part of me is missing with it gone.

Last week, Sew, Mama, Sew posted a round up of some simple holiday crafts. One of them was Bugs and Fishes: Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments. Felt ornaments are sort of obvious for anyone with a felt stash. But Bugs and Fishes show some cute, simple and colorful  felt holiday ornament inspirations, if you are looking for fresh ideas.


My girls and I made felt ornament Christmas trees today. I had the idea that we could make a whole bunch of trees and stars, and embroider people’s names on them to use as gift tags, maybe even putting a magnet on them to be re-purposed. But we lost steam after one each. I missed my sewing machine and straightened out the felt bin to feel better. One girl started sewing decorative buttons onto the pockets of the jeans she was wearing and then got called for a play date. And the other girl just wanted to cut felt into tiny pieces and make scotch tape/felt/bead sandwiches.

These were quick and easy to put together. You don’t need a sewing machine, much sewing skill or special tools. You can use craft felt if you don’t have wool felt available. It’s  very forgiving in that kids can cut out shapes and you can trim them later if necessary, and if you use a front and back, as Bugs and Fishes pattern, it doesn’t matter how (not) neatly the kids stitch the embellishments on, because you’ll cover it up.


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One Comment

  1. Very cute. I just saw on Pinterest where people had traced their children’s hands onto felt each year and kept each childs handprints hooked together and hanging on the Christmas tree. The posted coment was that the kids looked forward each year to “sizing up.”

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