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I really like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I listen in the car (with or without kids), while walking the dog, while running errands (with earbuds) and sometimes while doing stuff around the house if no one else is around or with earbuds if I’m wishing no one else was around! [I’ve found Skullcandy brand earbuds (Amazon Affiliate Link) to be super comfortable where other earbuds never fit or hurt my ears – they come in women’s size, sports, etc. check them out if you’ve sworn off earbuds.]

For audiobooks, we have an Audible account, and we also like to get audiobooks digitally from the library using the OverDrive app. I’ve tried Hoopla from the library as well, but am used to Overdrive. Someone told me recently you can get apply for a Boston Public Library account online to use for these digital library apps and have a bigger range of books, but I haven’t done that yet. Most of the books we want we need to put on hold and then wait a month or so to come in, so at some point, I’ll probably look into the Boston option further!

For podcasts, I use the Overcast app to handle my subscriptions. I typically can catch up on all of my podcast subscriptions while I’m waiting for a new audiobook to come in. Sometimes I run out of shows to listen to and try out new ones. I’m always on the hunt for suggestions.

I’ve learned that for the most part I like edited podcasts the best and not radio show style with people conversing. My kids will tell you I like the science shows the best because I tend to come back from a dog walk excited about something I’ve learned, but I enjoy a variety of topics, except self-help, economics, and most politics. I like non-fiction much better than fictional.

Here’s what I’m enjoying to these days in alphabetical order:

Some others that I subscribe and listen to are TED Radio Hour, The Tim Ferriss Show,  Invisibilia, Surprisingly Awesome (sometimes, sometimes I don’t like it), and Homemade Stories. Sarah has me listening to Modern Love as well!

What podcasts do you listen to? Do you have any recommendations for me?


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