Something for myself


The other day a friend of mine wanted “to do something for herself.” As part of this plan, she asked me to play hookey for a morning and get pedicures with her. Gratefully, I had some scheduled appointments that morning and another friend telling her that’s not my scene so the peer pressure and attempts to convince me to go only lasted a few minutes. Pedicures, and many times playing hookey and dropping responsibilities for a morning, are not my idea of anything I would find enjoyable or do for myself.

But this morning, I had some time that I wanted to take for myself, so I did something that I’ve never done before and have always wanted to do since I was a kid. I found the hummingbird feeder I bought a few years ago but never used, a hook, made hummingbird food (sugar water – Sarah posted this recipe, and I looked tips here too, it says don’t use Kool-Aid, I didn’t know people may have tried that or that Kool-Aid is still something people buy) and hung the feeder outside. It made me very happy. No one else cared or wanted it to happen, it was just for me. I don’t know if the feeder will be successful and attract hummingbirds or just ants and doubt I’ll remain dedicated enough to replace the sugar solution every three days as suggested, but for those people who accuse me of never doing something for myself, I want you to understand that I’m taking care of it, my self just looks a little different sometimes.


As a bonus I also watched Kool-Aid Man videos like this for a while before turning back to laundry and other not so much for myself duties.

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