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I brought my camera to the bus stop for back to school pictures and when we returned home my boy suggested we take pictures outside, like we did back in June when I posted pictures of our garden, so we did.

We took pictures of the garden, flowers, the yard toys, the dog, rocks, bees, and each other. I remembered something I’ve been watching and marveling at in the garden and remembered to capture a picture, which doesn’t do it’s awesomeness justice. The Sweet 100’s cherry tomatoes are incredible. I don’t know why, but they just amaze me the way they grow (and make me think of other things growing). I stare at these often. Well, it’s more like I check in on them often, and I might spend a few minutes staring at them, which isn’t so long for staring, but pretty long to be standing in my yard looking at the same unmoving thing a few times a week. I thought I’d share a picture, if anyone is into that sort of thing.


They almost all grow like that. The same pattern. The same leveled ripeness. Crazy symmetry. Always spheres. My eyes just go back and forth and back and forth to each side examining the details like I’m look at a “What’s different?” picture, until my head is about to explode with how perfect and beautiful and incredible it is, all coming from one itty bitty seed and some sunlight. Remarkable.

And if you aren’t into that sort of thing, a few more pictures from our photo session that are equally as brilliant.











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One Comment

  1. Nice! Love the symmetry of Rosie’s legs! Seriously, the pictures of the tomatoes are amazing. Mother Nature creates wonder!

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