The best part of waking up?


I love my Keurig. I typically only drink one cup of coffee a day, though lately I’ve been enjoying making an iced coffee in the afternoon in addition to the regular morning cup. The Keurig is great for me because it is quick, easy, clean, convenient, and because I so very rarely make more than two cups of coffee on any given day (even with guests), it’s efficient. Most importantly the product of the Keurig always has reliable flavor, something I didn’t manage well with other machines and or didn’t happen when I was buying coffee. I’m a morning person and I’m not the sort of coffee drinker that “has” to have coffee or drinks a pot a day, so I know the Keurig is not for everyone but I’m going on 6 years of Keurig loving it every day.

I do have K-cups that I prefer, and I sometimes I’ll use the refillable K-cups (which takes practice) but my preferences change and I try new K-cups now and again. I bought these recently because they were on sale (I have no affiliation at all with New England Coffee or Keurig, by the way):


And when I opened the package to make coffee, I found this:




I guess on further inspection this design is shown on the box, but I was surprised to just see the filter and not the plastic cup. That’s pretty cool. Good job in packaging, New England Coffee. The use of less plastic was nice to see, but Keurig drinkers,  who regularly use K-cups, you’re probably emotionally over the plastic use by now, so the coolest part if you buy these, is that without the plastic, you can smell the coffee. You may be very surprised at just how much you missed the smell of coffee beans going into the machine in the morning. Mmmmmm….



Have a good morning!

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