Turkey Soup


turkey carcass

If you are in the Boston area you may have seen the articles last week about turkey soup. Former Governor Micheal Dukakis declared his love for turkey soup and campaigned for making your own from your Thanksgiving turkey carcass. Or to please drop off the carcass at his house instead of trowing it away.  The Boston Globe published his address. Here is the first article. Then the Globe followed up because Dukakis was overwhelmed by turkey carcasses left on his door stoop. Here is the second article.

I have thought of this before. How many chicken/turkey carcasses have been thrown away? How many gallons of stock have been lost? I think it is too late for you to drop off your unused turkey carcass at my house, but if you roast a chicken and aren’t going to make soup in the future send me a note. I’ll pick it up or leave a cooler out for you.

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