Jenny’s Garden. June 17.


Last week I was at Sarah’s house and checked out how her garden is doing. I brought home some mint to transplant, radishes to eat, and the feeling that I planted my peas and beans too late. She posted updated garden pictures. (Sarah, you forgot the fruit trees!)

Posting and looking at garden pictures is a little like posting baby pictures. At least for me. Maybe that sounds ridiculous. Either way, I like looking at people’s gardens. It’s aesthetically pleasing, a different sort of window to see someone, a little bit overwhelming thinking about the miracle of life, growth and abundance, and gives me some ideas.

So I thought I’d post pictures of my garden for anyone who feels like me. I started to take pictures this morning and my 4 year insisted on taking some as well, so we took turns.  I’m not totally sure who took which pictures.

Feel free to share your garden pictures on our facebook page. I’d love to see them.


We have pots with herbs and a few other things on one side of the house.




Raspberries (and roses) that grow well, but are always gobbled by ants or (I assume) the rabbits living under the shed before we get to enjoy them.


At the encouragement of a neighbor, I threw some potatoes in a random part of the yard. I think I’m supposed to cover them up with hay or paper shreds or something?



And here are our raised beds, which really look bigger in the picture than they are in real life. They are heavy on tomatoes this year. My husband and I both love eating and cooking tomatoes. Tomatoes are fun to grow and to give away. Plus, I got a pressure canner for Mother’s Day and am looking forward to figuring it out for salsas and sauces.






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  1. You and Josh will have great garden conversations in a few weeks!!

  2. Way to go Jenny! You have such a great yard for a garden and I’m so glad you’re trying new things and having a rewarding experience! My space is limited to a small herb garden, two raised beds and some containers on the deck. I realize I need to plant more peas next spring because M and I just eat them right off the vine and there’s not enough to actually harvest for a side dish at dinner. It’s all good…. Have fun. xoxo

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