Lego Card Holder


We like to play a lot of games in this house.

In this house we have smaller than average hands and/or need cards laid out in front of us for the entire game to see and plan our strategy and/or get impatient at someone at the table who is laying their cards down on the table or their chair either because opponents can see their cards (and it’s hard not to look), because a player with cards in face down piles takes forever to take a turn, loses track of what is in their piles making the game not as fun, or the player who has to put their cards down regularly knocks cards onto the ground.

Whatever the the player’s situation, my mom had directed us to this amazingly fun and ingenious solution using Legos. We have had the circle style handhold card holders, but they don’t always work, cards slip out very easily upon loading or unloading, cards get covered up, and they still need to be held. We had tried to make makeshift card holders similar to the Lego style with cardboard boxes, which work okay, but the Legos work better, and are adaptable or expandable as needed, can be designed to the players tastes and can be thrown back into the Lego pile at the end of the day.


TheseĀ  holders can be used for a variety of card games, but the two games that we play regularly in our house that we find most useful to have cards laid out with easy access and visibility are Pit! and Ticket To Ride. The Lego Holders make a HUGE difference! Thank you Mom/Grandma and A Mom with a Lesson Plan!

Lego card holder perfect for little hands


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