Lunch Love Notes


Our house is heavy on love notes. The piles are almost more difficult to manage than the schoolwork that comes home.

While occasionally the kids pump out notes purely for something to make or to one up someone else who has gotten attention from making one,  more often they really do put care and love into what they create. So then it sits on my nightstand or desk.
Some notes get taped up in random spots. Some are turned into bookmarks or grocery lists or hidden in the recycling bin. Similarly, notes from me to the kids are found crumpled in pockets, backpacks or persuaded out from under beds with a Swiffer.


My Ma sent us Gourmet Food Writer Edible Color Markers (10 color set) by AmeriColor a couple weeks ago, I’m guessing with the idea that we would decorate cookies. We unsuccessfully tried food markers before, but they had fine tips. The fine tips were difficult to use because they were too sharp and dry for our cookies and it was just scraping up a lot of crumbs. These, however, seem to write on most things we’ve tried. My girls have been sending each other secret cracker messages in lunchboxes all week, and getting some from me on sandwiches and other things. It’s a fun twist on sliding a note in the lunchbox… and I don’t have to find it shredded in the dryer lint trap or bottom of the backpack a couple days later.
(We also used India Tree Natural Food Coloring all fall and through the holidays, so the vibrant colors here add a little excitement.)


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  1. Those are too cute. I love the notes on the crackers! And I love their notes above your pillow.

    Aaaaah, what a crew you have. xo

  2. I have wonderful love notes and hearts from these wonderful children all over my home! I love seeing them…….always makes me smile and feel loved. Happy that the pens were a hit!

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