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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We were so busy being moms, wives, makers, and community organizers in December we missed posting about fun holiday stuff.  Sorry! On to Valentine’s Day.

I am a supper nerd about starting making stuff early. Valentine’s making started this year by me testing the water to see what my kids were up for. Was my sporty nine year old going to want to make hand made cards this year? Then we all got excited about an idea, I had time to get the supplies, and we had an open Saturday morning (unheard of) = we started making Valentine’s over a month early. I also hate rushing my kids through making stuff and writing. In the past is has been a battle for them to write out the names. It is more manageable if they do a couple cards at a time.

The idea we all got excited about was crayon hearts. When the crayons are melted and mixed they get all tie dye like – of course this tie dye family was hooked.  We collected all our crayons from the obvious places and the not so obvious (most were found in the back side pockets of the mini van). We first used the broken ones and then the dull ones. We unwrapped them, cut them up, placed the parts in a silicone heart treat mold, and baked them for 15 min. at 240 degrees.  Let them cool and popped them out.


crayon hearts2 crayon hearts1Some tips:

  • Each heart had a little light colors (white, yellow), a little medium colors (orange, green), a little dark (blue, purple). The contrast made the tie dye effect more vibrant.
  • We used 90% Crayola crayons. We found the melting was more consistent. Toward the end we figured if we put in 1 or 2 of the other brand crayons on the top of the Crayola ones, they would just melt around them. When the heart cooled you couldn’t tell.
  • After melting the crayons in the oven we let the silicone heart tray cool for a couple minutes on top of the stove. Once they started to become solid again we put it in the freezer to speed up the cooling process.


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  1. AWESOME! Thank you, Clever Moms.

    • I commented on Facebook, but we did this at our house a handful of years ago and about half of my kids’ classmates thought the crayons were chocolate and bit into them, they found out pretty quick they weren’t food, but just make sure to use non-toxic crayons!

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