Reuseable Snack Bags


Something happened today in my house that occurs no more than five times in a calendar year. We had a Sunday afternoon with no dinner guests, no birthday parties, no all day yard or house project and no afternoon televised sporting event of interest.

There was homework, baking, laundry, a lot of Legos, an elaborate car track, some sun, and because I’m trying to use up my fabric stash, some quick crafts. One of the crafts was reusable lunch bags.

My kids often bring a small amount of nuts or dried fruit in their school lunches, so I made a handful of small reusable snack bags. If you are thinking of making your own reusable snack bags, you are likely familiar enough with sewing that you can figure out how to do it or you’ve seen tutorials all over the place, so I won’t undermine your sewing sense with putting another here.

The reason I bring this up, is the debate on food safe fabrics. I do have some organic muslin, and maybe some ripstop nylon if I dug around, which are said to be safe liner options, but for these I re-used mylar packaging from stuff in my cupboards. Specifically, I used the bags from inside boxes of Teddy Grahams and the outside wrapper on Fig Newtons. I cut them along the seam and then to the size I wanted. The needle will leave holes in the wrapper, so you won’t get to rip out stitches and try again if you mess up, but I had no trouble working with the material and using it as a lining for some quilt fabric for this quick and simple project.

My kids love them, it saves using plastic bags (and throwing out the packaging) and was a quick project at the sewing machine on a carefree Sunday. I can’t tell you which of those was my favorite part. But I bet you can guess!

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  1. Great idea! Would be good gifts for kids birthday parties, returning to work gifts, and for all lunch packers.

  2. LOVE it! Man, you are one smart, creative cookie!

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