Slow down!!


I have had quite the morning! On the run from 6 am until I sat down at Nashoba Brook Bakery at about noon. And read their motto on the bag of the bread that sat in front of me. “Anything worth having is worth waiting for…”

I am about fifty / fifty on the waiting patience thing. I am terrible at making sauces, especially ones that have to reduce or ones that risk curdling. I am happy to wait for the sour dough bread to percolate. When I get an idea in my head I want to do it! It drives my husband nuts when my idea is something like painting the dinning room. But my pushiness makes things happen in the end – usually without to many bridges burned.  I am patient with my kids messes. If they want to mix all the paint togehter, apply it to the paper with their hands, then add glitter, then cut it up that is fine with me. I chew right through a chocolate bar. While others in my family will let a piece melt in their mouth before going for another bite. More often than not I am laid back and open to whatever plan comes my way.

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