You’ve Got Balls!!



This might be quite the stretch to transition from Jenny’s gutsy post to Ball jars, but I’ll give it a try….

I do want to give Jenny lots of credit for putting her self out there and being vulnerable about something so personal. I think her last post has and will help people with their various different kinds of friendships. Thank you! You’ve Got Balls!!

Now on to my love of Ball jars. They are very trendy now. I remember maybe five years ago trying to find them in the store and having to drive to random hardware stores far away to purchase them. Now they are at every super market and craft store in various sizes and shapes. Some with handles and others with tops that accommodate straws. I hope I’m considered old school – I liked them because I wanted to can stuff in them. Mostly pickles!

I had this dream of growing so many veggies from my garden that we would can lots of stuff to “put up” for the winter. With a family of five the veggies rarely get into the house. Peas are eaten in the yard, potatoes might last a couple weeks, and I freeze the pesto. Now I have lots of extra jars. They are very useful. I put flowers in them, ice tea (and giggle because it looks like moon shine), salad dressing, and leftovers.  I also keep pantry food fresh in them, like rice, brown sugar, or popcorn.

Here is the recipe for the soup in the Ball jar on the left: Vegetable Barley Soup. YUMM!!


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