A Bag a Day!


I am not very churchy. I have become more active at a local church recently. This year I considered doing something for Lent. What is meaningful and doable in forty days? I saw this and I was sold: 40 bags in 40 days. OHH how wonderful it will be to “Decrapify”!! Maybe if my house has less clutter, my might will too?

The bag can be of any size.

A zip lock filled of the plastic clips that are used by the dry cleaner to keep the collar together. I usually return them to the dry cleaner to be reused.

bagaday3A plastic grocery bag full of mix matched sippy cups that we have grown out of and have missing straws anyway. This bag headed to the curb this morning in the recycling.

bagaday4A paper grocery bag of puzzles we have grown out of was dropped off at the local Early Intervention Office.

bagaday1A large garbage bag of clothing to hand down to my cousins little girl.


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