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glitter bow4My sister in law will not let me forget the fact that I was once overwhelmed by my nieces pink wardrobe.  Before we had kids she offered to save baby clothes for us. I said sure, just not all that pink stuff. WOW has my perspective changed. It seems inevitable that girls won’t have at least an experimental phase in the pink world that surrounds them. Even my big boy had a pink phase. He was following the lead of his much admired older girl cousin. He continues to love color, preferring full fire engine red outfits and tie dye. glitter bow1

This leads me to the discovery of bright pink (and every other color in the rainbow) glitter ribbon at the fabric store the other day. It was irresistible to both me and my big girl. Here is what we did with it when we got home:

Glitter Bow Hair Clips



  1. Cut two pieces of the “glitter strip”. One about 4 inches long and the other about 1.5 inches long. NOTE: You can make the longer strip longer if you want the bow to be bigger or shorter if you want it smaller. The shorter piece is to wrap around the longer one to make the illusion of a box. As a result if you get supper wide ribbon please adjust to make sure it will wrap all the way around. glitter bow6
  2. Start with the longer piece. Turn the ribbon over so that the wrong side is showing. Find the center. Fold the right side into meet the center and glue in place.glitter bow5
  3. Fold the left side to the center and glue in place.
  4. Let cool / dry for a moment.
  5. Wrap the shorter piece around the center of the folded and glued longer piece. Glue in place on the back side. glitter bow2
  6. Glue it onto what ever hair accessory you have chosen.



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