I am thinking ahead a bit. We have lots of various water sources around us. Most of it moving, but we also have several vernal ponds. Soon there will be lots of mosquitoes ready to nibble on us. I am planning a three way attach this spring and summer.

1. The last couple years we have sprayed around the edge of our yard a very concentrated garlic solution. You can find it here. We spray it at the same time we mow the lawn. This keeps the strong smell of garlic diluted a bit with fresh cut grass smell.  We have found the garlic solution to work well. It does get washed away by rain.

2. We just built bat houses. You can find kits here. We are hoping bats will move in and devour the mosquitoes.bat house3 bat house bat house2


3. I am planning on making a homemade mosquito trap. I found instructions here.

I will let you know how it goes.

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  1. The neighbors behind our house have bat boxes and we almost never have mosquitoes in our yard!

    • We had a bat box for three years and no one ever moved in! Same with two other people in our neighborhood. Ours blew down during Hurricane Sandy and we didn’t put it back up, but someone over near your house (Sarah) had some residents in theirs, so hopefully you’ll have better luck.

    • Oh good! We are very optimistic about the bat houses. We are trying to figure out the best place for it.

  2. When I remember to reliably take a vitamin b-complex, I get bit much less (mosquitos love me) because apparently it makes your skin smell unappealing, it has worked for my whole family but I don’t know if that is something you can give to kids.

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