Picture Puzzle Postcard


My kids have beloved cousins that live in Michigan. We don’t see them enough. So I thought  it was time for them to be old fashioned pen pals.

Picture Puzzle Postcard


  • one piece of 8.5×11 inch card stock paper
  • coloring materials
  • scissors
  • postcard stamps


1. Have your child draw a picture on one side of the card stock paper.

2. Cut the paper in half and in half again. Creating four pieces. (In the demo picture my guy got a hold of the scissors before I could explain postcard size, but I think it will still work. The top long one may need extra postage.)

3. Turn the pieces over and have your child write a note on the left side and write the address on the right.

4. Slap a postcard stamp on it and put them in the mail box. If you want to build the suspense don’t put them all in the mail box at once. Wait a day or two between each mailing.



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  1. I am SO going to do this with Matthew! He loves to write to his cousin … even though that little guy is just in Andover!

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