We had a Wegmans open up near us a couple of months ago. In our local Wegmans, the pomegranates are displayed in such a matter and in such a location that my daughter and I were intrigued to buy one on our first Wegmans visit. We’ve been buying them ever since.

We knew that pomegranates are marketed as a superfoods and are chock full of antioxidants. One of us was a fan of the pomegranate juice my husband used to use in his smoothies. I had seen and heard some tips on serving/eating pomegranates. I’d never actually brought one home or seen one prepared in person. Thankfully, as part of the pomegranate display, Wegmans provided a POM council pamphlet on how to choose, prepare and eat the fruit. We started out that using the pamphlet suggestions- choose a fruit that feels “heavy,” cut the top and bottom off, cut that in half, submerge in a bowl of water and break off the arils (juice and seed filled little pods).


For eating them, I prefer take a handful of arils, throw them in my mouth, get all of the juice out and then spit the seeds out. But you can eat the seeds too, and we do sometimes. We started out eating a few arils at a time and eating the seeds, then the handful/spit method made it easier,  but now we are starting to eat the seeds more and more. The rest of my family kind of liked eating pomegranate, but didn’t much love the amount of work that goes into eating the fruit. My crew isn’t very adventurous when it comes to food (and my middle daughter doesn’t like any fruit), but everyone was willing to give it a try without coaxing.



I have seen the video online of peeling a pomegranate like an orange, but I don’t think we have mastered in mouth seed management enough yet to use this method. We recently found out about “the wooden spoon trick.” There are many YouTube videos out there describing this, I just arbitrarily picked one of the shorter ones to embed below. The comments on these are often how awesome this trick is, and we agree. It makes prepping a pomegranate very easy! I recommend trying a pomegranate sometime. Besides the health benefit and good taste, you might get a kick out of being able to spit out the seeds when it’s not watermelon weather.

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