RRV and Lemon Chicken



I am not sure if I have mentioned here my hidden obsession about RVs. Jenny and I talked briefly a long time ago about going in on one together. We do lots of road trips. I have a dream that my family is driving west is an RV. The kids are sitting around the table playing cards, my husband is driving, and I am reading a book or knitting. We stop periodically at rest stops not to eat, but to refuel with biodiesel that the McDonald’s will be proving from there old fry oil. Then when we get to our destination we will have our own accommodation on wheels.

However this post is not about RVs, but about RRVs. An acronym that friends of ours coined to refer to Roasted Root Vegetables. I make them a lot. Everyone here will eat some part of them. The potatoes are “french fries” with a little ketchup, my littlest loves the sweet potatoes, and my husband and I will eat whatever else is thrown in.

I’m not going to write out a whole recipe because it is basically whatever root veggies you have (our regular RRV is typically new potatoes, sweet potato, carrots, and maybe beets) tossed with chopped up onion, olive oil, and some salt and pepper. Placed in a Pyrex and roasted in a oven any where between 350 to 400 degrees for 30 min to an hour. Check it every 15 – 20 minutes and toss. I have also recently discovered my cast iron dutch oven is a great place to roast the RRVs.

I made this recipe from food 52 the other night replacing the veal with chicken breast. And served it with the RRVs.



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