Stinky Boots/Skates/Cleats Solution


Last year my son’s hockey skates smelled so bad. I could smell his skates just standing talking to him. His skates smelled so bad that I literally gagged/dry heaved when I had to bend over to tie or untie his skates and would have to pause halfway to collect myself.  In between skating we would take the skates out of the bag to air out. I bought some specialty enzyme spray. My husband would put baby powder and other powders in the skates. I tried tea tree oil, vinegar, Lysol, sunlight, and freezing temperatures.  Sometimes these did nothing, sometimes the treatments temporarily helped or temporarily masked the problem.

BUT THIS YEAR, I have found a solution that works (at least for his stinky feet). Up until last week he had even been using the same skates at last year, and I could and did (no joke) stick my nose in the skate and it wasn’t like a bad dare.  I can’t believe it. Who knows, maybe my son’s diet has changed. He has practice even more often, and since the solution has been working, we don’t necessarily pull the skates out to air out after every skate. It’s awesome.  I’m definitely going to get another pair for his cleats!

I thought I’d share. There are definitely similar products on the market. I’ve been using a pair of charcoal filles inserts and they are awesome! Below is the Amazon Affiliate Link to the inserts we’ve been using, which are ~$10/pair. My son slides them right in his skates when he takes the skates off and leaves them in his bag when he puts his skates back on. We haven’t had to do any maintenance on the inserts and now more powdering/treatment of the skates. The inserts don’t even smell. It’s CRAZY- CRAZY GOOD!

Enjoy, hockey moms!
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