Take Another Look – Shrinky Dinks!


Seriously! Take another look! Search for Shrinky Dink jewelry Pinterest and fall in love all over again!


We discovered blank sheets of Shrinky Dink material many years ago (including inject printable sheets), which is great fun, but we haven’t used them for years. (Also most type 6 recycling containers are Shrinky Dink material – skiptomylou has a good post about it here.)

We’ve also found the book Shrink, Shrank, Shrunk by Kathy Sheldon in the library, which has all of the templates for some great jewelry projects, and is inspiration to come up with your own.

The blank sheets are awesome for open ended crafts. Great for girls or boys – think keychains, action figures, little 3-D house models! Try making snowflakes. Trace over leaves or favorite book illustrations. So many craft ideas.

We have almost all of the materials on hand to make the basic jewelry. But I love how applying a glaze transforms the projects (especially injet printed) until they unrecognizable as shrinky dinks. Since we are on a big saving money kick, I’ve been trying experimenting with glazing techniques using supplies we already have. I haven’t yet found the right materials and/or technique, so my recent projects aren’t yet photo worthy!

Get out the stamps or Sharpies, and pull some #6 plastic from the recycling bin for some quick and easy fun this weekend!


(Picture taken from Shrink, Shrank, Shrunk by Kathy Sheldon)

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