An Extra Mattress


We recently purchased a new mattress for our bed. We lugged the old one down to the playroom. It has become the most favorite toy. Unlimited amounts of energy has been expended. Especially when going out side to play really isn’t easy these days. This is the preferred placement of it.  At an angle so gravity can help with flips, rolling down creates endless giggles, and it is just that much higher to jump from.plyrm

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  1. I want to know where you got the galloons of tempura and the mongo roll of paper! The bed’s a winner, too — for sure!

    • The hubby thought that the paper would be a good way to save money and not buy flip charts. But it weighs a ton! So the kids and I have have adopted it. I think he got it at a office supply store. The paint gallons were a big find at a yard sale!!

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