Nigh Nigh


Nigh Nigh is what the big boy named his lovey. I would put him to bed with it every night and say “Nigh Nigh”. Soon it became the title of his beloved blanket and his sisters followed loving their hand knit blankets of the same name.

I was inseparable from a lovey when I was little too.  It was a rooster named Rooey. He was a hand crafted stuffed animal that my god mother had found at a craft fair.  The body was unremarkable, but the tail – OH the tail – was made up of a dozen or more velvet ribbons. That I stroked and loved.

My father knowing that loveys were and are a big part of my / our life. Sent me this article the other day. It is a wonderful article about lovey repair. About a mom and her daughter who will fix a beloved animal in one day if it is a necessary part of bed time. Please check out their web site here.

I have had to send the knitted Nigh Nigh blankets through the sewing machine several times to prevent them from unraveling. The sewing hasn’t fixed the blankets, but does prevent further fraying. I am glad that I haven’t fixed them completely. The holes and the messy edges show that they have been loved. The big boy often complains about how small his is compared to his sisters. Every time I tell him it was once the same size.

I would have posted pictures of the girls loveys too, but they are currently snuggling with them during their afternoon naps.

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