Beach Treasure Sacks


My kids and I love searching for treasures on the beach. My oldest has been on a teeny tiny or perfectly formed shell kick. My middle and I are open to anything cool, but have a particular fondness for cool rocks. My son tends to gravitate towards random, gross, and dead stuff.


We rarely plan well for our collection. Somehow, I always end up carrying everything in pockets and (clean) dog poop bags because those are the only container we generally have on beach walks. I guess we could bring buckets, but our buckets are always cracked and still require someone to carry them awkwardly.


Sometimes it’s just about the hunting and collecting, and we forget to do anything with what we’ve found once we get back to the house. My cousin unfortunately found one of my son’s dead horseshoe crab collection in a poop bag that had turned into a rotten bag of maggots. That got me thinking that we should change our process.

We are heading to the beach today, and I threw together these beach treasure sacks.



First I found an organza gift bag for my daughters teeny tiny treasures. I used a netted potato bag and lemon bag and grosgrain ribbon to make cross body sacks for my other two kids. Easy. I just stitched a strap on one, and I finished the top of the other. I made one strap kid size and one a little longer in case I have to carry it (I can put a knot in it or eventually make it adjustable for smaller wearers).


Make sure your ribbon is color safe in case they get wet and rub on your shirt. These could also be scooped in the water as nets to catch fish or rinse off treasures.


You wouldn’t need to sew this if you don’t sew or are already at the beach – just tie on a ribbon or shoestring. If you do sew, you could finish these very nicely really wonderful gifts!


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