Beaded Wrap Bracelet


A project that came about this week in my house that was inspired by pilfering through kids’ closets and seeing what craft junk we haven’t been looking at in a while was beaded wrap bracelets. If you have elementary and up age girls (or boys), this might be a good project to add to the summer bucket list. You can use stones or glass and make them formal like the designer expensive online ones in stores or more casual with colorful glass or stone beads. I just wanted to see if I could do it, so I used the stuff re-discovered in the back of a closet.


I’ve wanted to try this for a while. I don’t buy much jewelery. I don’t have much interest in jewelry. I don’t wear much jewelry and I don’t know what I should be wearing, and a lot of times when I do see jewelry I like somewhere I think “I like that, but I’m not going to pay that much money for that, I can make that at home for a few dollars.” Beaded wrap bracelets fall into that last category (and I guess the I don’t know if/when I should be wearing them category too).


When the never ending bead box and I met in the closet this weekend, and I remembered I’d wanted to making a beaded wrap bracelet.


After a quick google search I found this website: How to Make a Wrap Bracelet: 29 Ways (the rest of the website is pretty cool too, if you’re into that thing.) And it turns out these are really easy to make. I haven’t gotten to the closet (or maybe the fabric stash bins) where I think there is leather cord hiding, and I wasn’t sure the first attempt at making one of these would work out, so I used hemp cord that was already in the bead box (I think I’d prefer the leather cord in the end). I chose small frosted glass beads instead of the more common stone or crystal beads because I wanted something colorful.


This project is super simple – just looping beads with thread, fishing line, or embroidery floss onto cord. For all you mothers with girls (or boys) in the 8 and up range this would be a great rainy day summer or sleepover project to (don’t entirely take it from someone who doesn’t know much about jewelry) come out with a nice sophisticated (or fun) piece of jewelry. See the link above for a bunch of great tutorials, you’ll need cord, beads, thread/fishing line/embroidery floss, a button (or other clasp) and a sewing needle (make sure the needle can pass through the beads).

Gather a length of cord, fold it in half and tie a knot with a loop the size of your button. Thread your needle, tie the thread onto the top of the cord, put the thread through a bead. Run the needle around the cord on the other side, back through the bead and repeat until you reach the length you want. Tie off the thread and tie on your button. It’s really very simple. A lot of the tutorials mention that after making one, you may get a little excited about seeing what other designs you can do, and I definitely feel that way!




While I worked on this my older daughter was working on Memory Wire Bracelets – which depending on bead size is a great project for kids of almost any age from practicing fine motor skills to fashion forward.


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