Revisiting Bead Stringing

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Last year Sarah posted about the craft book she got out of the library because of our library’s summer reading bingo card.

Our library has the same bingo card this year. We were inspired by the craft book that my girls and I picked. The book was Cool Beaded Jewelry by Pam Scheunemann .


There aren’t a ton of projects in the book and the projects that are there are all rather simple (no metal work besides clasps), but the book reminded me that my girls are old enough to make “real” jewelry. Stuff that looks modern. Stuff that is steps above pony beads on plastic lace. Stuff you could wear out some night. Stuff you can give away as Christmas gifts to grownups. And the book shows some examples so you can envision how you can turn simple bead stringing into accessories you can wear anywhere.


We had jewelry making stuff already, and plenty of beads, so we were good to go when we got the book home.




My older daughter chose to make a memory wire bracelet. We have done this before, and already had a few wires cut with one end bent, so she started right in.




My younger daughter chose to make a small charm bracelet that would serve as a dog collar for a stuffed animal. She broke it immediately after completion because she wanted to see if she was stronger than the knots/string. She was. We are still finding fake pearls on the dining room floor.

I’m not filling in a bingo card, but I chose a project from the book called “Stretchy Bracelet.” It involved making however many single strand bracelets on elastic cord that I wanted (I picked 4), putting them together, and wrapping an additional strand around the outside to hold them together.


There are so many cool “grown-up” beads at craft stores these days, and they are often on sale. There are colorful glass beads the same size as pony beads, so even little fingers working on dexterity can make good looking jewelry, particularly with memory wire. The only tools you need are wire cutters and some small pliers (to turn the ends so the beads don’t fall off). There are also beads that look like or are made of metal (like silver and gold) that can look dressed up and can coordinate with pieces someone may already have. (And for anyone who knows me personally, I wrote that last sentence almost purely so that you can laugh re-reading it and imagining me saying it out loud.)


This book (or similar) might make a good gift with some beads and string for an older kids birthday party. You could pull it off for the cost of some of the simple kits but get nicer quality materials. If your kids are past pony beads and laces, or you are looking for a quick gift for a stylish grandmother or older child, beading is a quick and fun option, even when it doesn’t fill in a square for a bingo.

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