Button Flower Pins


button flower1

My five year old has expressed some interest in sewing. She is still a little too spazzy for using the sewing machine by her self. I also would like her to learn the basics of hand sewing first. We made a pillow for her doll a couple weeks ago. Then I saw this!  Fun, easy project that has great gift appeal!

button flower3 button flower2

My additional tips:

  • The cutting and petals were very doable. She needed help with the finishing and the button.
  • Tracing the outside of the tape makes medium size ones. Tracing the inside of the tape makes small ones.
  • We made pins. I took a safety pin, placed the flower on one side of the shirt, and flipped the shirt edge over and adhered the pin to the wrong side through the flower.
  • I want to make some and glue gun magnates to them.button flower4
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