Flag bunting


flag bunting2

I have made a couple of these small flag buntings over the years. My littlest room has a sea life theme with fish and light houses and two ribbons of mini flags hung along the top of opposing walls. Last weekend I had a wonderful time helping celebrate a friend who is due to have a little boy in a couple weeks. She also is excited about the nautical theme. So I made and strung more small flags around her living room for her shower. I have left them with her to decorate the nursery.

Flag bunting


  • Scraps of fabric cut into 2 inch triangles
  • ribbon
  • sewing machine
  • thread


Start sending the triangles through the sewing machine. Pause before you come to the corner of one triangle and line up the next one. The stitching will connect them.

The ribbon can be used in two ways. Either attached about a foot at each end of the finished stitched flags or if you have tons of ribbon actually sew the triangles onto the ribbon. The second way you can space the triangles apart a bit since the ribbon is connecting them in addition to the stitching.

flag bunting1




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