End of School


School in our town officially ends today.

Goodbye battle over packed lunches. Hello Richie’s slush.

Goodbye beautiful wonderful hour of the day between bus stops when my son and I played board games and knee hockey. Hello bickering children waking me up.

Goodbye “I don’t want to go to school” and hours of stories about what went on during the day when we weren’t together. Hello “Can we stay for 5 more minutes?” and sharing all of the adventures together.

Goodbye grocery shopping alone. Hello wishful thinking someone else will take on laundry and emptying the dishwasher as a regular summer chores.

Goodbye math games with a paper clip spinners. Hello long anticipated summer movies, road trips with new audiobooks and bumper boats.

Goodbye soccer fields and baseball diamonds and cell phone at my side. Hello lakes, pools, ponds and ocean and books and shivering wet kids just out of the water by my side.

Goodbye sitting at desks for long hours. Hello laying in the hammock with a book for long hours.

Goodbye bus stop. Hello hikes and trails and a dirty dog.

Goodbye lunch with friends and classmates in a cafeteria. Hello ice cream for lunch.

Goodbye “Go to sleep!” and “Time to get dressed.” Hello “You probably should go to sleep now, but we have nothing to do in the morning,” and “All you need is a bathing suit.”

Goodbye third and fifth grade and some utterly beloved teachers. Hello nervous adventures and middle school.

Goodbye first grade. Good riddance. Hello new beginnings.

Hello Grandma and Grandpa’s and Aunt Diane’s houses, thank you for always having us. Hello boredom. Hello bickering kids. Hello snow peas and tomatoes eaten off the vines. Hello nightly tick check and sand in the wash machine. Hello hello hello summer. I have missed you!



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