Saying Hello To A New Year

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Hello, finally getting my eyeglasses adjusted.

Goodbye, preschool.

Hello, Kindergarten.

Goodbye, fabric stash – I’m coming after you with a vengeance and a new serger this year.

Hello, more family games nights.

Goodbye, being a bad RSVP’er.

Hello, learning to make Hot & Sour Soup and remembering to floss the kids’ teeth more often.

Goodbye, blue minivan.

Hello, getting a family dog.

Goodbye, all of the stuff in the house we don’t want. You are outta here.

Hello, family summer reunion with a dozen kids under the age of 8.

Goodbye, wasting time, energy, money, food, and coupons.

Hello, new museums.

Goodbye, missing movies when they are still in the theater.

Hello, re-working the landscaping, swimming in cold lakes and colder oceans, and hanging new pictures on the walls.

Goodbye, late blight in the tomato garden.

Hello, canning new things, garden planning, and seed starting.

Goodbye, lemon cake recipes that don’t rise.

Hello, surprises and new projects and things I can’t even imagine today.

Goodbye, sore knee. I don’t want you with me in 2013.

Hello, more ice cream.

Goodbye, paranoia over the number 13.

Hello, New Year!

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One Comment

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