Fabric Scrap Project: Fleece Dog Toy


I have seen knotted fleece dog toys in pet stores and people’s floors and thought, “I could make that.” So when last weekend we got a new dog nephew, my daughter and I tried.

It was easy, and should be easy for you if you ever went to summer camp or were an eight year old girl.


When I looked through the first tutorial that I clicked on, I realized that these toys are just strips of fleece woven in a boondoggle/fleece/lanyard pattern. If I’d realized that quicker, I think the fleece portion of my fabric stash would have been gone already, but as it turns out there wasn’t all that much to choose from when DD and I were looking for strips. I have also seen these made from rope.


We made one and a half together in the afternoon, and I finished the second after dinner. It was more difficult to get different types/thickness/textures of fleece to look smooth, but not really all that hard. Still, I’d recommend the same sort of fleece. Like with the plastic cord lanyards, once you get the rhythm, pattern and order of weaving and pulling down, it goes together quickly, easily and without much thought.

Fleece can be a cheap material, and these go together with no sewing at all in less than hour, making up a bunch of these would be a really great service project for a scout troop, religious ed class, family or other group or club to bring to an animal shelter.

These toys have been tested and approved by our focus group of one!


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