Garden May 27


Here is what our vegetable garden looks like today. The peas are blooming, the radishes are ripe, and the potatoes are happy. I will post a garden picture or two early on during my week to post. I will also keep you updated on the tomato seedlings I planted in big pots today. I have had little luck with tomatoes in the past. My latest theory is that last year they didn’t get enough sun. So I am trying them in pots, with a composted cow manure and soil mixture, on the sunny side of the house, and directly against the house.  gardenmay271 gardenmay272

I have got to agree with those who say that when kids help grow vegetables they will eat them. My boy is a a reluctant eater. He will pick a radish from the ground, rinse it in the hose, and eat is all. Getting very excited about the spicy taste that kicks in shortly after the first bite. He has insisted on growing hot peppers this summer. radish



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