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There is a lot of stuff you need to put the garden together. Like most things in America there are lots of choices. Choices always overwhelm me, then paralyze me, and then the project doesn’t get done. Here is some of the stuff I have found very useful in starting a garden.

Raised beds: As I mentioned last week, The Food Project provided the instructions. My local hardware store had all the supplies on the list. The basic material list is: 3 pieces 2”x10”x8’ untreated pine boards, 1 of the pieces cut in half; 4 z-max 9 inch brackets; about 40 11/4 inch dry wall screws.


Soil: I have learned a lot about soil – not dirt – SOIL!! It is the most important part of gardening. From a local garden center I ordered loam to be delivered. It was 50% soil and 50% compost. The garden center sold it by yards. They delivered it with a big dump truck. It was the highlight of the gardening for a while, until the radishes!

I looked up yard conversation. I needed about 150 square feet, about 12 inches deep. The internet said that one yard covers 25 square feet 12 inches deep. I thought I was being conservative and ordered 5 yards. I overestimated by a lot!! Jenny lucked out! I had enough for my 4 beds + all of Jenny’s beds + all sorts of other random garden spaces in the yard. I think ultimately the beds did not need 12 inches deep.


Tools: So they dumped the loam on the drive way not too far from the beds. I needed to move the soil about 100 feet. We had an old, old, old wheelbarrow that made a few run. Luckily, my neighbor who is now known in our house as the “Fairy God neighbor” walked by and quickly offered his wheelbarrow. A spade shaped shovel was another in the soil transport.

Another great tool that I have found are Atlas Nitrile Touch Gloves. I have always hesitated to get garden gloves because I love digging in the dirt and feeling the dirt. However I hate the feeling of fingernails bending backwards!! The Atlas Nitrile Touch Gloves are awesome!! They are knit with the finger tips and palm dipped in rubber. Very snug fitting allowing you to do most everything you do bare handed.


Seeds: We purchase most of our seed and roots (asparagus, potatoes, onions) from Johnny’s Select. The website is organized well. The shipping was timely and so far so good on the success of the seeds.

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