I love trash: art storage


This week I have dedicated to trash. Or what some want to get rid of and I have found a use for.

I will start with my new art storage cabinet in our dinning room. Our dining room is the center of our home. Three meals a day are eaten in it, it is where I am writing this post,  and it is art making central. I have tried to set up desks in bedrooms or easels in the play room. But more often than not we draw, paint, and sculpt in our dining room. The bottom three drawers of the high boy is were the paper and activity books are. Until yesterday I had a small side table with drawers holding everything else.

I found a small cabinet on the side of the road with a sign saying “free” taped to it. art storage 4I couldn’t resist the decorative molding so into the minivan it went. It sat in the garage and then in storage. Recently I got motivated and ripped off the warped veneer on the top, glued some corners back together, scraped the pealing paint, sanded it, primed it, and painted it.art storage 2 Now it is our new art storage. It has shelved inside instead of drawers. After a trip to Target to get some bins and spreading everything out on the dinning room table to sort.art storage 3 It is all organized!! Then this morning I went to Anthropology to look at knobs. My littlest found these brass bunnies. art storage 1All in all I spent about $35.00, most of it at Anthropology.

The only question now is what to do with the top. I have been searching landscaping centers for a piece of slate. Someone mentioned a kitchen remodeling place might have a scrap piece of granite counter top. I think I may also inquire at the hardware store about glass. Then put photos or fabric underneath. Any thoughts?


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