Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


Microfiber cleaning cloths are a fantastic and reusable tool in a cleaning arsenal. You can use them for dusting, wiping, shining or scrubbing. Use them instead of paper towels or sponges for cleaning counters, bathrooms, windows, floors, streak free cleaning of mirrors, in a workshops, soaking up spills, scrubbing and drying dishes, and so much more.

You can find microfiber cleaning cloths in many stores ranging in price, size, texture and degree of synthetic-ness. I have had a bunch from the dollar store and some from Bed, Bath & Beyond in my arsenal for years. They all seem like they could last forever, they all feel creepy to touch when my hands are dry, and they all love to statically glue themselves to things if you toss them in the wash/dryer with the rest of the laundry.

You probably know all this.

Here’s another super easy use for microfiber cleaning cloths: Swiffer (dry or wet). I’ve been doing this for years and never buy the Swiffer refills. I have followed online sewing tutorials to make my own Swiffer refills with cloth diapers & velcro, terry cloth and elastic, and once a complex pattern that had a vinyl interior lining, but I never stuck with them. Because you don’t need any of that at all. Just stick on a microfiber cloth.


For the Swiffer Sweeper: Use the same as you would the disposable cloths. Lay your microfiber cloth on the floor, put your sweeper on top in the middle of the cloth, fold the cloth over the top of the sweeper and push the cloth into the Swiffer teeth (or whatever you have nicknamed those holding holes in your house). If it hangs over the side it doesn’t matter and only helps grab stuff from corners and under baseboards.

For the Swiffer Wet Jet: Some microfiber cloths will just hold right onto the velcro strips (you might want to cut them to size if you plan on using this method often), and some you can fold over. I fold mine over and use straight pins or safety pins to pin the cloth ends together to hold it on. Push the cloth down near the jet so it doesn’t interfere with the spray. Depending on how generous you spray, you may need to change the cloth while cleaning if it gets too wet.

You can refill your Wet Jet liquid containers with more eco-friendly and/or cost effective cleaners. There are many ways to do this. Here is a tutorial for one of the easiest and least destructive methods:

Obviously standard cleaning rules apply – make sure that these materials or cleaning solutions are safe with the surface you are using them on.

Happy cleaning!

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