Jenny and I are good friends with lots in common, but we don’t often see each other.  Last week we bumped into each other at the local swimming whole. Believe it or not – one of the first thing we talked about was trash.  It was trash day. I was saying how proud I am that with a family of five we hardly ever fill our trash can. She said she felt the same way. We soon were comparing how we divided up the trash in our homes. We both have similar systems.

Compost – On my kitchen counter I have a bin that gets filled with vegetable skins, egg shells, apple cores, sandwich crusts…
Some plant trash I don’t compost like banana peals and peach pits. They never break down in my out side compost bin. Then I use the broken down compost to grow more vegetables in the garden.IMG_2587

Glass and Metal – Soda and beer cans and bottles, glass, milk jugs, wine bottles, fruit containers, yogurt containers…
In Massachusetts we can get five cents to redeemed the beer and carbonated beverage containers. So in the garage this pile gets separated again into redeemable and curb side recycling.IMG_2583

Paper – Newspaper and cardboard and old drawings go in to a bin for curb side recycling.IMG_2585

Plastic Bags – Drycleaner bags, deflated – inflated padding in Amazon packages, grocery bags…
Go in to a separate big bag to be dropped off at the supermarket when it is filled.

Trash – That leaves truly trash that will end up in the landfill. I’m proud to say that it on average fills up only half of the town assigned trash  a week.



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