Mixed Media Scupley Project


Like Sarah’s crew, and I’d figure the majority of people, searching for and finding treasures is a big part of my kids’ and my enjoyment of the beach. Sarah has a preference for certain types of rocks, but our favorite collections seem to vary. And like Sarah, we are always looking for ways to use the treasures when we get home.

Last year our focus was small snail shells. We must have have a couple hundred. We have some lake and some ocean snail shells, all under an inch in length. The shapes are cool, but color wise, they aren’t all that pretty. Last summer my girls were very into lemonade and rainbow loom bracelet stands, but in our neighborhood, it’s the same traffic. We thought they could paint the shells and sell them. We also collected many itty bitty snail shells and we have itty bitty jars we thought could be filled with shells to make decorations. But the idea I was most excited about was using Sculpey clay and using the shells to create snails or hermit crabs.


And a year and half later, my middle (a hermit crab owner), was inspired and made that vision a reality. They came out as I envisioned over a year ago on a beach as my kids stuffed my pockets with sandy shells and I was thinking “what in the world will we do with all of these?” Except, they are maybe even better. We baked them to harden the clay according to the Sculpey directions without problem. img_6818

If you need a project to use up some summer souvenirs, something like this might be fun!



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