More Comfort Food – Chex Mix


I’ve been into comfort food too. Part with all that is going on in the country/world, part because we’ve been winding down a very busy fall schedule, and part because my body/brain/sleep hasn’t adjusted daylight savings.

I come from a family and part of the country where Chex Mix was/is a big part of holiday tradition. It brings about the feeling of family, fires in the fireplace, piles of brazil nuts at the bottom of a bowl because no one liked them, and being very very thirsty.


So I thought homemade Chex Mix was a good idea as a respite comfort food in our house. I made the first batch and it was gone in a few days. One of the many fantastic things about Chex mix is that you can adjust the ingredients and flavors to your tastes. We stick to the “original” recipe flavor, but go heavy on the seasonings. My mom is a fan of the speed and easy of microwaving, and I can’t taste the difference, but I still oven bake. I left out tree nuts because of an allergy in the house, and peanuts so my kids could take the snack to school and obey the nut free rules. We like the new “original” recipe addition of bagel chips to the ingredients, so add more than recommended. We still like Cheerios, even though that’s not on the recipe anymore, so add those in.  One family friend growing up added M&Ms to their mix.


No one has dug much into the leftover Chex and the gerbils could use those boxes to chew, so I made a second batch. I was looking around for what to add besides the cereals since I used up the bagel chips in the last go around. I had pretzel twists out, but put them away to add in these sourdough pretzels bites. I have more than one family member who is definitely going to pick those out first!

Anyone else add something different/special into their Chex mix? img_7172

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