More things to do with fused beads


We have gotten into the fusing beads trend around here. If you haven’t head of fused beads, they are small plastic beads that you arrange on small peg boards in different ways then melt them in place with an iron. They are fun to create designs and are a great fine motor activity.

I want to be able to do something from the final product. We have them balancing on bed side tables and windowsills. What else? Here are a couple of our idea. I am looking for more. Please let me know if you have made anything creative with your fused beads.

  1. Backpack decor fused beads 1
  2. Boot decor – these are particularly important because her brother has the same pair one size bigger. fused beads 4
  3. Zipper Pullfused beads 2
  4. Hair tie decor – I used a small piece of pipe cleaner to attach the small fused bead flower to a pony tail elastic. fused beads 3
  5. Plant stand – The concrete pots are great, but they are porous. To prevent the table or windowsill from getting damp we made a fused bead star to raise the pot up.  fused beads 5
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