My Way of Quilting: The Ultimate Scrap Fabric Project

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I’m in the process of making a quilt for my littlest. As you know I am not a perfectionist, as a result quilting has been very intimidating for me. However over the years I have done plenty of it my way. For example:

fabric1 fabric4 fabric5 fabric6

My aunt just recommended a book to me called “Quilting With a Modern Slant” by Rachel May. It has validated that the way I quilt is just fine. There is an entire chapter called Improv. In theĀ  introduction to the chapter May says : “Quilters make their own rules and parameters for improv, emphasizing different elements of the process. No matter what: Don’t mistake improv as working willy-nilly. It requires a critical eye and careful attention to design.”

I have found that the log cabin design of quilting just the right balance of structure and willy-nillyness. The current project I am working on is using up strips from my bottomless fabric scraps. In addition there are strips from old “meeting shirts” (as my kids call the button down shirts their dad wears to work). The log cabin can use fabric pieces that are all the same width or the widths can vary (I like this way). The blocks need to eventually be all the same. Here are some of the blocks of the latest project with the template to help make them all the same size.


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