Odd Sock


It has been so much fun for me to connect children’s picture books to art making this fall and winter. Sometimes I start with the project and then find a book. Occasionally the book inspires the project. Other times a book inspires the whole process.

My favorite new picture book is “Too Much Glue” by Jason Lefebvre. It is about a boy who loves glue and getting messy with the art making process.

I was impressed by the local librarian who rose to the challenge of “I need a book with Jell – O in it” after a couple minutes she said: “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” by Judy and Ronald Barrett. By the way – we were working on liquid and solids and made Jell-O then worked with the Gelli print process (I’ll post about that soon).

My daughter grabbed a book of the top of the shelf at the library. You know the ones that are standing up on display. It is called “Odd Sock” by Michelle Robinson¬†. It is about a pair of socks that are separated. Spoiler Alert: they become sock puppets in the end. I am always looking for simple fabric sewing projects to do with kids. Sock puppets worked well. I got cheap socks, brought my bin o’ fabric/buttons/pipe cleaners/yarn, glue, and already threaded big needles. Some kids chose to glue, but many sewed the buttons on for eyes and made clothing out the fabric.





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