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When my kids paint they always want lots of paint on their tray. They have a hard time with mom saying “Use what you have first”. I can’t blame them, I want as many options as I can to chose from when I am being creative and experimenting. What ends up happening is that there is always left overs. All the colors have run together so there isn’t the option of the paint going back in the bottle. I have tried to save them in zip lock bags, but then we don’t decide to paint for a while and the messy trays get in the way.  We recently started making prints out of the paint left on the paint trays. Here is how to do it.


Paint Tray Print Cards


  • left over paint tray
  • paper to use for print
  • card stock paper for card
  • glue
  • scissors
  • envelopes


1. Cut paper for printing down to fit the tray that the paint is in.

2. Carefully place the paper in the tray.

3. Slowly peal the paper back and remove from the try.

4. Try again. I have gotten 2 or 3 prints depending on how much paint is left in the tray.

5. Let the prints dry.

6. Fold the card stock in half and cut it slightly smaller than the envelope.

7. When the print is dry cut it to slightly smaller than the cover of the card. Glue the print onto the card.

8. Send the card to a friend or family member.

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  1. Great idea!!!!

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