Gift ideas: Craft supplies and tools


1. Alex Toys Artist’s Textured Brushes: These add a different twist to painting. They are big and dramatic for mixing colors and adding texture.

2. Finger Printing Art Set: Making pictures with finger prints is not how we usually make images in this house. This kit shook up our normal art making rut.

3. Crayola crayons and Moleskine blank note book:  New crayons,  a nice journal, and the idea dice are a great alternative to a coloring book.

4. Blank puzzle and markers: We gave these as favors for the big boy’s birthday. There is a lot of time spent putting puzzles together in our house. It is even more fun to put your own puzzle together.

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  1. Love it all!

  2. Love it! We made Grandma, who loves puzzles, a holiday themed original by each boy, thanks to those wonderful blank puzzles! Then we sent them in the form of an advent calendar with other crafts and treats. The kids decorated boxes from Michael’s with glitter glue to hold the puzzles. Really fantastic party favor, Sarah!!!

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