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There are a bunch of things you can do with Pillsbury Recipe Creations, which are just Pillsbury Crescent Rolls without the seams, so if you can’t find the Recipe Creations in your store and you want to make this stuff, you can use the Crescent Rolls. You can make treats, snack or meals that sweet or savory.

Sometimes I mention stuff I make with Pillsbury dough to people and sometimes they have trouble recreating the dishes. So I thought I’d post a few recipes here, some of them I have tried and some are similar to things I’ve done without a recipe.


Using the Pillsbury dough is a big head start for things like cinnamon buns. You don’t have to make your own yeast dough and it mostly bakes up and rises as you expect. The dough has a good flavor, though I like scratch buns best.

Heeheehee… I said scratch buns.

Some of these recipes say they are make ahead. I’ve tried it with a few, and they don’t rise quite as well as when baked when prepped, so I wouldn’t fully recommend it. You are using tube dough, what more of make ahead do you need, most prep only takes the amount of time it would to preheat your oven anyway. But make ahead is possible.

May these quick tasty recipes make you giggle with joy like the Pillsbury Dough Boy getting his belly poked.



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  1. Thanks for linking my Nutella Cinnamon Rolls & your rolls look great!

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