More Tea Parties


tea bags 5 My littlest is a big fan of tea parties. She will use any little cup and pretend to pour imaginary tea from it into something else and then take a sip. I saw scrap fabric pretend tea bags on Pinterest and thought I would whip some up.

Fabric Scrap – Tea Bags


  • very small (tea bag size) scraps of fabric
  • scrissors
  • yarn
  • a little batting or more scrap fabric


  1. Cut 2 large squares about the size of a tea bag. Cut 2 small squares for the tags.
  2. Start sewing the two larger squares with the wrong sides facing each other. tea bags 1After you have sewn 3 sides pause and lift the foot up from the sewing machine. Stuff the square with a little bit of batting or small piece of scarp fabric. tea bags 2Place the sewing machine foot back down. Sew until the center of the square. Add the yarn. Continue sewing.tea bags 3
  3. Start sewing the two smaller squares with the wrong sides facing each other. After you have sewn 3 sides turn the piece of fabric, place the other end of the yarn in the center of the 4th side and continue sewing. tea bags 4
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