Rainy Morning Garden Check


Here’s the view of my garden this rainy morning.

I’ve had years that we get a ton of tomatoes on the vine, but (besides the cherry tomatoes) they never ripen, so I don’t count my chickens before they hatch with tomatoes. We’re getting there this year though! A few have been harvested and enjoyed in salad and omelets. We’ve had a lot of heat around here and semi-frequent torrential rain storms. One tomato had bottom rot, and a few this morning were starting to crack, so we’ll see where this all goes from here.




We’ve never had successful Roma tomatoes before, but planted a whole bunch this year in two different spots. Fingers crossed we’ll get enough to put some up for fall/winter.




My husband’s peppers are doing well and some not as well.


The zucchini and eggplant are chugging along.

Sadly the delicious snap pea harvest is over, and plants ripped out, but the pole beans are still putting out a little.
I miss the daily handfuls of snap peas.


None of the herbs are doing great. The dill is the most sad. And someone is definitely eating my basil.


The potatoes are peeking through. I’m a potato rookie and I don’t know what this means, do I pull them? Some are green, so I think maybe not yet. They are all different sizes.


The potted stuff is a mixture of happy and okay. I need to trim some of their neighbors.



The ants have stayed off the raspberries so far this year!


Even in the rain, it’s fun to walk around and see what we’ve made.

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  1. You should cover the ground around the potatoes with more dirt (making mounds) so they don’t get exposed to the air/sun. When they turn green they taste bitter.

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