Spring Napkins


stacy napkins 3

Image by Stacy Chandler

Every time I walk through a fabric store I do a lap around the sale bin. I look for 100 percent cotton quilting fabric. In the back of my mind I am thinking fabric napkins (and sometimes the twirly skirt) . We are messy eaters. I try to re-use the napkins for several meals.¬† We still¬† go through lots of fabric napkins a week. So I like to have a new stash on hand if I can’t keep up with the laundry.

Then I bumped into a friend at a local event and she started telling me about her hand made napkin project. Her little boy helped her in the fabric picking process. So here is a collaborative post by me and the fabulous Stacy Chandler.

Fabric Napkins


  • 13 inch squares of 100 percent cotton quilting fabric
  • scissors
  • sewing machine or needle and thread
  • iron

stacy napkins 1

Image by Stacy Chandler


stacy napkins 2

Image by Stacy Chandler

  1. Cut as many napkins as you want into 13 x 13 inch squares.


  1. Place the fabric front side down on the ironing board and iron a hem around the hole perimeter of the fabric square. Use pins to secure the hem in place.
  2. Sew around the perimeter.
  3. In the end the napkins will measure about 6 inches square when they are folded in half and in half again.

Stacy has hers on the table in a wooden napkin holder. She said, “The napkin holder is something my grandfather made; he made a few so now my brother and I, as well as my parents all have one. I grew up with a napkin holder on the table so I wanted to keep it for my family too but I was tired of wasting so many paper napkins!” We use napkin rings held in basket near the table. Tomorrow I will post about the napkin rings.


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  1. Are these absorbent enough for spills or just wiping hands and mouths? Also how do they wash? Do you have to iron them after a certain number of washings?

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