Napkin Rings


napkin rings3


To organize our fabric napkins we have been using napkin rings. The idea was to remember the ring that you have and return the napkin to it when you are finished with it. As a result everyone keeps there own mess to them selves. It mostly works that way in this house.

We made rings with elastic cord that was easy for the kids to thread through the beads. The stretchiness makes it easy to get on and off the napkins. I have also made them with pipe cleaners.

napkin rings1


Beaded Napkin Rings


  • medium to large beads
  • elastic cord
  • scissors


  1. Cut the elastic cord to the desire length. ( I often make length quite long to avoid a big mess if it is dropped before both knots are made.)
  2. Knot one end.
  3. Thread beads on.
  4. Knot the two ends together.

napkin rings2




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