Thanksgiving Eve


Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Hopefully, you knew that already.

It’s too late for recipes, so here’s a quick reminder: Thanksgiving is all about being full.

Be full of life, happiness, family, hugs, compassion, laughter, mashed potatoes, pie, goodness, and, of course, gratitude.

Fill up on stuffing and kindness.

Fill up on sweet potatoes and memories.

Fill your plate with food, joy, good health and love.
Pour the gravy on top and spread it around.
Then gobble it all up, loosen your belt and revel in luck of being satiated.




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  1. Happy Thanksgiving……

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Jenny! I’m thankful to have YOU just a few doors down.

  3. A beautiful and clever website. You are great. Happy Thanksgiving! Hi Dave! Oh, I ran out of bones for Rockie so I gave him carrot sticks to hide. Am I a clever mom too? 🙂

  4. Your message made my heart smile. You are without a doubt your mother’s daughter <3

  5. so very nice thank you

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